Crazy Days

It seems like we’re either all getting sloppy, or we are so busy we can’t get to the Blog. I know that for me it’s the latter; things have just been crazy here.
Anyway, here’s a quick update.
Since my last update, at the beginning of September we have:
Spent a w/e in the Sofitel Hotel on the beach at Hua Hin (Gulf of Thailand). The Sofitel is very Olde Fashioned and was built in the 20’s as a Railway Hotel;
Been to 2 Thai wedding receptions, both of which were quite different – but both large banquets in Chinese style and very enjoyable (can’t say I’m fond of pickled jelly fish though);
Completed my course of Thai lessons and actually made a small speech in Thai at one of the weddings;
Went away for a Fri/Sat for a “team building” exercise with our Company at a National Park, and won the 1st prize for best Fancy Dress (dressed up as a Thai Cowboy – black wig ‘n all);
Stayed on at the National Park when Trish joined me for Sat night and Sunday and did some sightseeing around the park and also visited a village where they ALL make pottery – awesome deals;
Had 2 sets of visitors at the same time – 2 Habberjams from NZ that found us on the net a couple of years ago and dropped in on their way round the world, and Bern and Jan – old friends from the RAF that are now in Saudi and were looking to escape for a while, and took them both to the annual Canadian Fall bash when they were fresh off the plane;
Showed our 2 sets of guests as much of Bangkok as it is possible on a wet Sunday;
and last but not least, pushed a bed with a papier mache Moose on it 7 Km around Bangkok in aid of a hospital organized charity bash, and got absolutely sozzled at the party afterwards.
This w/e our friends from Saudi will come back here for a few days, after some travelling in Thailand, so we will be partying with them for a few days.
Then the w/e after that we are off to Vietnam again. This time to Hanoi.
Add to all of that the work that goes with producing the Canadian Club magazine, and . . . . wow.
Well, that’s the quick update.






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