Four months? !

I can’t believe four months have passed since my last entry!

In any case, much has happened. I obtained a contract and worked on that for a couple of months. I then moved to Toronto at the beginning of September and have since been looking for more work.

I’m living in a bachelor’s apartment right in the downtown core. I love it here – Toronto is like any other large city and at times I feel as if I’m right back in London or even Bangkok. This is usually caused by some weather effect – either the humidity and the sun setting, casting a pink light on the road that reminds me of Bangkok, or the dreary, cloudy sky creating a pressure and scent much like England.

It’s lovely; it makes me appreciate Toronto more for what it is: a big city, full of life and energy. It feels really good even just to walk around the streets for a while.

In fact, it’s incredible what the energy of this place has done to me. I now have the ability to walk around for at least an hour in the city, and then still work out in the gym upstairs for an hour – every day! When I lived in the suburbs, it was so much more difficult to do this.


I recently turned 24. Can you believe it? I’ve been alive for almost a quarter-century. I guess I’d better start accomplishing things 😛

I will be celebrating with my friends this weekend. My friend, Yassi, is going to joint-celebrate our birthdays with me on Saturday.

And that’s it for me. Signing off!






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