settling in

I recently moved to Toronto, and at first I felt really disoriented. However, that’s starting to change. A couple of weekends ago, I went out of town. As I re-entered  the city on my way back, I had a sense of “returning home” – and it felt great.

It means I’m much more comfortable here now, and I really do love this place. Every day I go out and feel just like I could be in any other big city in the world: when it was still humid a few weeks ago, at certain times of the day when the sun reflected pinkish off the streets into the smoggy air, I almost felt like I was back in Bangkok; these days, as the air grows more dank and the days shorter, I feel much like I’m back in London. It’s fascinating to me, to see how much this city can morph into others that I have visited, and make me feel like I’m on some extended cultural holiday.






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