toronto alive

Toronto. I’m having a love-affair with this city. It’s always alive and, while it’s a little emptier than Bangkok, it’s still invigorating to live here.

Now that I’m working, I’m always busy. I start my day with a quick breakfast, and then I hop on the subway.

During rush hour, it tends to be absolutely packed. I thought it was funny at first, how the mass of people is squashed inside and then bursts out as soon as the doors open. Then I experienced it myself more than twice, and uuuggghhh.

A switch to a streetcar along the way relieves the pressure and I have a chance to write for a few minutes until I get to my stop and go to work.

Work goes well. Currently, I’m learning a lot and it’s quite interesting. It certainly keeps my mind busy, which I’m happy about.

On my lunch, often I’ll go for a walk around the area. Queen St. is always busy and it’s just wonderful on a sunny day when everyone is shopping, eating, walking around.

When work is over, it’s the same. I take a streetcar and then a bus all the way home, work out, have dinner, and try to find time to work on a couple of projects.

Then it’s off to bed, usually past my bedtime, and sleepland takes over to prepare me for another day.

I hope to have some time one evening to actually wander along Queen St. after work and soak in the liveliness of it all.

Ah, there’s always something to do in Toronto! And I love where I’m living right now – the community is always bustling, even at three in the morning.

I think I was made for the big city life.






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