the logo design process

The process of logo design is an involved one. I’ve gone through at least three or four ideas for the t·creative logo, and I’m at the point now where I’ve determined a manner in which I want to arrive at it.

What does that mean?

Well, I want to use ink and brush to create it. I’ve tried writing it out many, many times in search for the perfect letters. I’ve used up pages and pages of expensive watercolor paper. But that’s part of what design – calculated art – is about.

It’s important to me that the logo for this site, for my business cards, and – in the future – my whole corporate identity, represent me and the values I stand for. I want it to be expressive and memorable, ‘of me’ (thus the hand-madeness of it) – not bland and seen-before.

While I like where I arrived at for the current permuation of my logo, it’s just not quite there yet. It’s the right idea – it’s just incomplete, somehow.

I do think I’m very close, with the letters I have drawn so far. I will take another shot at it tonight. The thing about being a type- and layout-focused designer is that command over one’s hand, and therefore drawing ability, is limited.

But it’s coming.






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