rfi – radio france

I can’t believe my luck. I found the Radio France electronica radio program yesterday, and they uploaded their redesigned website that very night. Now I can’t find that program, their search doesn’t work, and the link to their list of programs is also botched. I’m attemping to use their “Plan du site” but no luck so far. In fact, none of the links on that page that I’ve tried, go anywhere other than an error page.

It’s amazing how browsing a(n unfamiliar) website in a language not native to your own, really forces you to look at their design and actually read what you’re looking at (for comprehension).

That’s it, I’m giving up and going to listen to my chill radio station at DI.fm. I’m sure I tried harder than most people, though.

However, while they committed the prime web design sin of launching a site with most links not working (and it’s not like it’s a little-known, unpopular website – it’s a radio station, for goodness’ sake!), I have to admit it looks much better than it did yesterday. So, go take a look at RFI – Radio France Internationale.






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