As mentioned previously, the boy has obtained his own weekly radio show over at CKMS 100.3 FM Radio Waterloo. As a way to help promote it, I’ve designed a website for him.

The content is still being written up, but the design itself is complete.

I chose a masculine colour pallette of brown, cream and blue, and I think it’s one of my more successful attempts at coming up with a colour combination. To express professionalism and taste, I used a pinstriped background because it reminded me of the type of suit I imagine Yevgeny wearing: something brown from the 70s, with flared pants. The type used in the title and menu of the page is elegant and tasteful, and the decorative elements used to denote the different sections of the page are evocative of those used in older books.

I chose that particular photograph as a way to slightly offset the ego that comes across in his show: he is smiling (a rare occurrence in photos of Yevgeny), it’s a great angle that emphasizes one of his best features (his strong jawline), and the softness makes him look approachable (which he really is). [Edit Apr 19th: At the urgence of Yevgeny and his best friend, I have since changed the photograph to something more of Yevgeny’s liking. I hate it.]

Overall, the idea was to create a tasteful, masculine design that expressed Yevgeny’s personality and approach to the music he showcases.






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