February blahs

Having just been through Chinese New Year (Kong Hee Fatt Choy, y’all) and seen the weather start to warm up (starting from 23/75 degrees) here we are in February already. Everone is saying summer is starting!
It’s now been 2 weekends since out last visitor (Sally-Anne, my cousin) left, and although Trish remains very busy (actually, busier than ever), things are starting to slow down for me. Hence the February Blahs!
On the 27th of January we completed our first roll-out on the project at work. We put 2 (of 31) stations inot service on the bit of the railway that we are upgrading. It’s taken 22 months to get there, but is very significant as most of our problems are now behind us. From here on in it’s mostly a logistics challenge, to get 29 more stations done in the next 6 months. Even more significant though, this looks like the point where my contribution can wind down and I can hand it over to my Thai “novice” (for want of a better word), whom I have been mentoring since coming here. That means that in the next 3 months or so I may be moving on to my next job. No idea what that may be at present, so we”ll have to see. Watch this space.
The Photo was taken at the commissioning – me playing during one of the quiet moments.

Trish is very distressed that this is probably coming to an end. She has REALLY got to like it here. Also, she is heavy into learning Thai history at the National Museum so that she can (could) become a volunteer guide there.
Enough about that.

Anyway, we now have lots to do before we leave:
Angkor Wat next, in Cambodia;
One more trip down the Andaman coast, to include PhiPhi again;
A boat trip on the Mekong, and
a visit to Mandalay (up the Irrawaddi) – a nice to have probably.

So let’s see what this year brings eh?






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