flamenco lessons: Ritmo Flamenco

Considering I’ve never attended before, the Toronto International Film Festival had quite the impact on me this year. The second of the two I saw, The District, had me in instant awe of its unique and creative animation style, even through the shock of its content. The impact of the first of the two, however, was slower at developing; but I know the direction I’m about to take as a result of seeing Iberia at the festival will lead me to new heights of mastery over my body.

In March, I will embark upon an eight week beginner’s course of Flamenco dance lessons, courtesy of the Ritmo Flamenco dance school here in Toronto.

The expressive, sensual flamenco that was portrayed in Iberia, combined with my deeply-engrained passion for dancing to songs that energise me, and my desire to pursue a more established and controlled form of it, inspired me to explore Flamenco. I am looking forward to my first steps in pursuit of a grace and poise I’ve never before been able to achieve. I’ve never been this fit before – thanks to a regime begun on my trip to Thailand, where I had six weeks to develop a habit of working out in my parents’ community gym – and really, it’s time for me to build upon that by developing a more refined comportment.

But, perhaps my sights are set too high just yet. It is, after all, only a beginner’s course, and goodness knows I’ve never been one for the elegance and femininity that is meant to be “inherent” in a female’s body. We shall have to see how well my body complies to the messages my brain is going to have to deliver to it. I shall keep you posted.






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