Time Flies When You Have Too Much To Do

Been a while… this is because I’m so busy! Toronto is such an invigorating city that, if you let yourself, you can get completely engrossed within.

I’ve started going to Toronto Public Space Committee meetings to help prettify the urban landscape. There are a number of projects I’m trying to get in on – not much has started up just yet, as it’s still a bit cold. I’m excited though; going to help tear down people’s fences who want them removed, and do a bit of guerilla gardening – undercover, night-only flower-planting!

Then there is the website I’m helping to maintain right now. Melissa Munroe needed help with her website – check it out, she has a lot of interesting stuff going on there.

And now I have to go because my boyfriend just arrived, and it’s time to pay him some attention 🙂






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