Life in Thailand

Yes, I know it has been a while! Life has been extremely busy lately.
In January Dave’s cousin’s daughter came to visit. Sal was in Thailand for 3 weeks, during that time we went to Koh Samuie for 3 days. We enjoy that island because it is still fairly untouristy. It started life as a backpackers haven and still retains an unsophisticated atmosphere.
The roads are virtually none existent as we discovered after Dave and I rented a ‘bike to explore the island on. We got as far as the beach along from the one we stayed at and decided to take the ‘bike back! The dirt road was very twisty and hilly with huge dips along it, too hairy for a couple of aging boomers!
The beaches are beautiful, with white sand that squeaks as you walk on it, of course the water was warm and it was relaxing to just laze on the beach. We took a snorkeling trip on a boat one day and Dave and Sal enjoyed the view of the fish, although it is not that spectacular on the Gulf side of Thailand.
We ended the day with a visit to a fish farm where we dangled our feet above the sea while enjoying a beer.

Sal sent up a lighted lantern into the sky for luck.






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