videodrome 2 @ mocca

Last Saturday night, the boy and I were given the task of showing his cousin and his friend how great Toronto is to party in. We wandered around Queen St. W., but none of the bars appealed to them.

Eventually, we stumbled across the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art outside of which, on the sidewalk, a rather drunk and boisterous guy stood drinking a bottle of beer. As we looked on curiously at the museum he began to tell us what was inside: a great show of video mixing along with crazy music. My interest was instantly piqued – VJing is a really cool, and fairly new, form of art; one which I once mimicked in a school project.

Intrigued, we followed the guy. He got us past the door without having to pay the $5 entry fee, as it was close to ending. We entered on insanely fast music and visuals, a complete bombardment of the senses as soon as we turned the corner to face the view screen.

I can’t relay the experience. You had to be there. All I can say is: Wow. I had no idea this was the level VJing is at and I gotta say, it blew me away.

The best thing about the whole experience? Just stumbling across it randomly on a Saturday night in Toronto. Man, I love this city.






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