my seemingly monthly update

Happy Easter, everyone!

Things on the home front are going well. I’m still working full time, and it looks like my contract is going to be renewed at the end of April, which means employment for the future as well! I’m also doing a lot of web design on the side now. All my spare time is taken up by that, the boyfriend, and dance lessons – Flamenco!

It looks like the Flamenco lessons will be extended into July, which makes me very happy. I’m really enjoying the structure and learning actual steps, instead of the more freestyle dancing I do at clubs. It’s very difficult for me to coordinate my arms and legs together though; really not used to that. It’s quite a challenge when switching from one step to the next as well, but it’s all physical and mental exercises and I’m happy. I love the challenge, and I love the way I feel when I’m doing it.

So, I’m quite happy. Starting to look around where I’m living though and desiring a larger place. This one’s so tiny… but anyway, that’ll come in time. I’m trying to save up as much as possible as the weeks go by, right now, to possibly put a downpayment on a new place, or go on a trip, or who knows what.

I hope you are all well! My parents are currently in the UK visiting family for Easter.






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