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I finally took the plunge and installed WordPress to maintain my blog. Joomla just wasn’t cutting it for the functionality I was looking for; plus, I much prefer the “feel” of blogs. I read numerous blogs on a daily basis, and I want to be able to contribute just as easily as I see everyone else.

I’ve had more than one installation of WordPress in the past. It’s an excellent blogging tool, and it’s free. Eventually, if my parents become even more confident in their blogging skills, I might even move them from Blogger to WordPress as well. For now, however, the simplicity of that tool is more important than their need for features. They seem quite happy with the way things work on their (okay, our) website, and why change it if it works?

That’s not to say it doesn’t need a redesign – it does. I’m thinking something more personal – but I don’t want to give away the design before it even happens.

I’m just happy with my new WP blog. The template’s cute, too!






  1. bunnyhero Avatar

    hooray for wordpress! i’m a big fan of it too.

    i really should design my own template for my blog, though… right now i’m using a free one i found somewhere…

  2. Christina Avatar

    Hmm. Yes, this is a template I found also. I love it though, the colours are so pretty!

  3. Parent Avatar

    Dumb parent here – just glad you’re happy, and blogging. Could you connect “snowie” to this, so that you don’t have to maintain 2?

  4. Mum Avatar

    Sure whatever! I am happy with blogger for now maybe when/if we move you can do something, but as you say it is working fine now!

  5. The Bookseller to the Stars Avatar

    Hey, great blog you have here. Thanks for coming over to mine, I have some great pictures of my 2 visits to Toronto last year (Spring and Summer), its a great city and we had a great Paddy’s day there, but everyone wanders around like they are about to go hiking… what’s up with that?

  6. Christina Avatar

    Are you talking about how Torontonians dress? Trust me, this is a point of much disdain for myself as well. Especially the males… I have no idea, what IS up with that? North America for you?

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