ladytron in toronto

The boy and I attempted to scalp tickets to see Ladytron. But at $60 bucks a pop, we decided we’d just walk around and see if anyone else had tickets available. It turned out they didn’t, but the experience of doing that was far greater than it would have been had we just gone in to see them perform.

The reason for this? Well, the boy is a rather determined one. When he likes a band, he loves the band. We waited around the back of the venue where we saw Ladytron’s tour bus (a similar setup to the Blonde Redhead concert we went to; they, too, had a tour bus around back), along with two of the members up on a fire exit platform being interviewed, a camera panning the sidestreet where the last of the line was wrapped around the building.

The boy stared lovingly up at them and we hung about, waiting for a closer glimpse, maybe even a handshake. Eventually, we saw two of depart in the direction of a restaurant. We waited outside at a nearby bar, the boy smoking cigarettes so it didn’t look like we were loitering.

And then, we were rewarded. We saw two of the members emerge, and we approached. When we got there it was a little embarassing; they must get fans following them all the time. In any case, I soon spoke up and asked if they were with Ladytron. Confirmative! The boy was then very expressive, and we were told they didn’t have any room on the guest list otherwise they’d make some for us, and then they shook hands with him (I’m not one for touching band members!). We said goodbye, and watched them walk off to their venue.

The boy pointed out on the way home that the great thing about slightly less popular, more indie bands, is that you can just walk up to them and meet them; they’re far more accessible to their fans.

A much more satisfying experience, I think, than spending $60 each on getting in, enduring a few hours of loud music (most of which was probably not played by Ladytron but their opening bands), and then probably not getting to meet them afterwards.







  1. Dad Avatar

    Who is “the boy”?
    Haven’t stopped him smoking yet then eh?

    Also, you should proof this.

    Sounds fun though.

  2. Christina Avatar

    You got the right idea about who the boy is. Usually when people blog, they don’t talk about their significant others. When they do, they don’t name them. Sometimes they’ll link to their websites, but that’s about it. It’s kind of a “faux pas” to talk about other people in your life, in a more professional blog. So I try to keep this to my own experiences, but sometimes mentioning that he was there would be important.

    He smokes occasionally now. That’s all.

    Can you tell me what needs proofing? I’ve gone over it twice already, please point out any mistakes I’ve missed.

  3. Mum Avatar

    None that I can see. Cool experience. I like to talk about people in my blog becuase that is what my life is about; people!

  4. RobDaGoth Avatar

    Sorry to hear you couldn’t get a ticket for Ladytron in Toronto – they’re gonna be back around in Sept/Oct 2006, so keep an eye out. They’re worth it…

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