rice crispie square mastery

After months of experimentation, I think I finally made the perfect batch of Rice Crispie squares. This is saying a lot for someone who barely ever bakes and hates cooking.

I realised, after many failed attempts, that achieving this perfection involves the optimum ratio of butter to Rice Cripies, and marshmallows to Rice Crispies, not butter to marshmallows. Thinking of it this way makes a huge difference.

Some of my failed batches have included from rock-hard to very crunchy squares, overly-sweet squares, burnt marshmallows and extremely soft but practically tasteless squares.

This final batch, however? Soft, chewy, just sweet enough and perfectly delectable. I think I can now call myself the Rice Crispie Square Master. Although I suppose for that rank to stick, I’ll have to repeat this achievement at least a few more times.

September 8, 2006 Edit: For all you people searching, I’ve now posted my perfect rice crispie square recipe.






  1. Dad Avatar

    Cooking “real food” can be interesting too!

  2. Tanja Avatar

    Impress your dad by adding some other healthy things like nuts and berries to the mix next time 😉 Might be a whole other headache of an experiment tho…

  3. bunnyhero Avatar


    my mom sometimes adds peanuts for a truly addictive rice krispie square.

  4. Mum Avatar

    Way to go Babe, youactually understand what you are doing, all cooking is like that, or so I am told!

  5. Ilia Avatar

    this one was a hit at the BBQ last weekend.
    I loved it, next i will attempt to steal the recipe, or at least another crispy square.

  6. […] I get numerous hits daily from people searching for rice crispie square recipes, and I realised it must be quite a disappointment for them to come here, read about how I developed the perfect one, and then not get the actual recipe. […]

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