noche flamenca

My flamenco teacher, Valerie Scannura, also runs her own dance company. Saturday night, I saw the company perform the concert Noche Flamenca at the Al Green Theatre here in Toronto.

And what a rousing performance it was! From the very beginning, I wanted to get up and dance along with them (I don’t have the skill, yet). I was impressed by the passionate guitar playing, the energetic drumming, the skillful and coordinated dancing. The dance was so evocative of femininity and yet so powerful, controlled and fierce at the same time. It really is an empowering dance for women. I was wholly inspired by the entire performance, and I finally got to see my teacher in full action.

The entire audience seemed to have enjoyed it too. Whoops and hollers of encouragement (mostly from the males in the audience, it seemed) could be heard throughout the applause when each dance was completed or halted for a few moments.

On the learning side, the flamenco lessons have been extended until June/July, and I find each week I’m a little better coordinated. I’m looking forward to the day when I can put on a pair of flamenco shoes and pound the floor as fiercely as the performers I saw on Saturday.







  1. Mum Avatar

    Hey, sounds great. Did the ballet Lessons pay off? Maybe not, you only did them for one semester! I am glad you are enjoying this dance; I have always wanted to dance but never had the determination to stick with it.

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