May day update

April and May have lots of public holidays here in Thailand:
April 6, 13, 14 & 19
May 1, 5 & 12.
Absolutely Fabulous.
In April we went back to the UK for 2 weeks, from 9 – 22, for the Easter period. We spent most of this 2 weeks with Trish’s parents, and one night over in Yorkshire visiting my family. It was an interesting 2 weeks, starting with sleet as we drove to Reading upon arrival in the UK, to rain and gales periodically throughout the first week, then increasingly better weather up to the day we left which was a fabulous spring day with the daffodils still out (but on their last legs) and many of the trees bursting with blossom – not least the display of magnolias everywhere. The last day we actually spent at our house in Reading, so it was nice to walk the country lanes by our village in cool, but bright, sunshine.
Back to Bangkok and from 16c on leaving the UK to 36c upon arrival in BKK
Breath-taking, but the pool at the apartment building is now a lovely 30c.
Having been back to the UK after almost 18 months we have confirmed that everything there is insanely expensive, and that most places (towns) are still abused and dirty and that smoking and foul language are still a way of life.
Sad to see the first world degenerating into what will likely now become the fourth world (just my opinion . . . .).
Having only been back in BKK for one week it is nice to be at the w/e and to be rewarded by 3 days off for the May Day holiday. This w/e Trish took me to the National Museum and rehearsed her guided tour on me, so I am now also an expert on Thai history! She is due to give her first public appearance as a volunteer guide at the Museum in the middle of this month. The next 2 w/e’s here are long ones too, and we are planning a visit to Sukhothai, the ancient capitol of Thailand (5 hours drive away), and then another trip to the beach – Koh Samet, the nearest backpacker island.
Then at the end of May we will take our annual holiday that spans my birthday and our wedding anniversary with a week down on the Andaman coast again (same as last year when Christina was here.
May always was my favorite month.

Have included a few pics – UK and the Museum, just for the contrast.






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