people proximity in the big city

Y’know, people complain so much that other people they see on the street never smile or are rushing everywhere, or always look miserable. However, I would argue that just because a person is out in public, doesn’t mean they have to be in “people person” mode. There are times, especially when I’m going home at night after all my activities, when I’m just too tired to glance your way, or smile at you, or walk slowly and enjoy the air. I just want to be alone for a while; get home. Is that so bad?






  1. Dad Avatar

    Go on, smile. It costs nothing, is good for your face, and certainly makes a difference to everyone. What a much nicer place Thailand is than elsewhere because it “The land of smiles”.

  2. Mum Avatar

    I understand what you mean Christina about being tired, but it is true a smile makes everyone feel good including you. you don’t need to talk.

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