when handwriting needs refinement

I just have to comment on this post.

I started watching the new Doctor Who 2005 series recently and was taken with the female main character who, for once, is not the typical annorexically-inclined, yet somehow still buffed up female actor that graces North American screens these days. Despite that, she is very pretty (intended note of sarcasm probably absent due to the textual nature of the web). In fact, I think she’s positively charming and I have to say, that’s so refreshing.

In any case, she’s apparently writing a “boob”. Go on. Take a look at the post, look closely at her handwriting, and you will see it for yourself.

I’m as dismayed as Mark – I can’t believe the marketing people let that slip! (Might I imply, due to a lack of actual designers on the project?) Such a simple visual “mistake” such as this should have been stopped. Unless they thought it was a funny joke? Well – it is now, if it wasn’t meant to be.






  1. bunnyhero Avatar

    if you look closely, the second ‘b’ is a different shape than the first ‘b’, so it’s just a strange ‘k’ (the ‘k’ looks like that everywhere in the note), and i doubt it’s intentional. still, the visual ambiguity is rather unfortunate and should have been fixed.

  2. Christina Avatar

    Oh yes, I’m fully aware it’s meant to be “book”. It’s just hilarious. I thought they might have left it there after they saw what it looked like, intentionally, as a joke. Though probably not. Heh.

  3. Mum Avatar

    Cannot see where you mean, have they changed it?

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