toronto manhunt!

Last night I made it out to my first ever game of Manhunt, a variation on the age-old game of hide and seek, with my friend Peter.

Manhunt is played outside at night. The game starts off with one “hunter”, and the hunted steel away into the darkness to hide. This particular game, which happens every Thursday evening in a different location in Toronto, lasts for an hour.

The atmosphere of being within the game is very interesting. We chose a spot above ground that gave us a great view of the people running around below. Every time hunters approached, our hearts pounded and we shrank back into the shadows, watching them traverse the tarmack. The only other person in the game that we knew going in, actually came the closest to discovering our hiding spot – he placed a foot upon the stairs leading up to where we laid in waiting, but somehow decided not to go any further. Peter and I lasted for the entire game without being caught.
I’ll definitely check it out again.







  1. bunnyhero Avatar

    heh, that sounds like fun… and i’ve always loved stealth videogames, too, so…

  2. Dad Avatar

    Amazing – the computer generation engaging in physical contact gaming: children’s games too!
    Is this a regular thing?

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