finally, a good book

Working in the book industry brings along with it some perks such as, once in a while, free books.

Not all the time do these books prove to be worthwhile reads. I might gripe about them collectively, but they barely seem to be worth writing bad reviews for. I think I have enough faith in my fellow readers for those books to eventually regress from radar enough so as not to pester us again.

But for ones I do enjoy reading… I think they are certainly worth talking about; recommending to people I know, at least. And just such a great read have I recently closed and passed along to a friend.

It’s called Mammals by Pierre Mérot.

Although the author fairly obviously draws upon himself at least for the basic details of the protagonist, this is not a shallow recounting of a person’s boring life. This is a novel that, page after page, delivers witty and bitter comments about life – as an alocholic, in our time, living along with too many other people on the planet. While some of it may seem like overbearing self-pity, for the most part it simply opens up the reader to make connections with the mostly anonymous main character, regardless of sex and gender. As a youthful female, I had very little in common with the aging male protagonist and yet this novel touched me on a very personal level. The writing had a certain momentum that kept me drinking up the words until I was finished reading in less than a week.

This is the kind of novel that, through its honest, sometimes grimy, depictions of this man’s life, can teach you lessons. Read it.






  1. Mum Avatar

    Ok I might do that will add it to my list of “books To Read” anyway.

  2. John Rhodes Avatar

    I just finished reading The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy. It was a straight up business book, but that’s fine since that’s a topic of interest.

    Unrelated: Is effective for you? Have you tried linking to I suppose it depends on your readers, right? How do folks offer up the “right” Amazon store. (I’m sure the answer is out there but I don’t know it off the top of my head.)

  3. Christina Avatar

    No, it’s not effective at all. I haven’t tried because, honestly, most of my readers are Canadian, or from the UK and they wouldn’t be able to order from the US site anyway, or it would be too costly to do so. Plus, I kinda like the .ca domain name… even if it does have a more limited selection and whatnot.

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