I am on my own here at the moment. Dave returned to UK yesterday, he will go to his Auntie Phyl’s funeral on Monday. She died on her 70th birthday, 23rd May, form the cancer which she had been struggling with for two years. Apart from Uncle Mike, whom I have never met, Phyllis was the last one of that generation, meaning it will probably be the last of all the family getting together. It is fortunate that Dave is able to go; he had arranged for two interviews, this week, in UK so he just arranged to go earlier.

I decided to go out last night, I went to Mass first then got a taxi to Suan Lum night market, where I did some shopping before deciding to have a ride on the Big Wheel which has taken up residence there since March. It was lucky it didn’t rain during the ride, this being the rainy season, it was also much higher than I anticipated! But I shared the six seater partially enclosed Gondola with two young Thai girls and a father and 3 or 4 year old son. It was fun despite my initial “terror” at the height and the fact we sat at the top for a few minutes while we loaded up, I couldn’t scream because of the other passengers so I relaxed and enjoyed it!!

After Angkor Wat we decided we would do something less scholarly. Mr. Vong took us to the Vietnamese village on the Tonle Sap lake. Apparently it was first settled by South Vietnamese escaping when the war ended in 1975. Since then Cambodians have joined them and it is now a thriving town with garage, farms, shops, shurch school and palyground all on converted boats and floating houses. They move when the lake raises and falls due to rainy/dry

Above picture is the garaage.

can you see the pigs?

and chickens?

This is the church.

These are the crocodials that the restaurant we stopped at was breading, who knows why?

This boys father owned the boat we hired to get out to the floating village.






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