the meanings that logos accrue

DesignObserver has an excellent article on how logos build meaning over time. I recommend this not just for other designers, but for people who hire designers also.
I particularly like this extract:

“We decided to recommend a straightforward sans serif font. Predictably, this recommendation was greeted by complaints: it was too generic, too mechanical, too unstylish, too unrefined. I had trouble responding until I added two more elements to the presentation. The first was a medium weight, completely bland, sans serif “C.” “Does this look stylish to you?” I would ask. “Does it communicate anything about fashion or taste?” Naturally, the answer was no.

Then I would show the same letter as it usually appears as the first in a six-letter sequence: CHANEL. “Now what do you think?”

It worked every time. But how?”

However, don’t just stop there. Read the whole thing. Entirely worth it.






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