the garbage goblins have landed in toronto

The garbage goblins didn't do this!Not to steal a topic, but I recently saw a poster for the TTC’s new ad campaign, Put The Garbage Where It Belongs, and it made me laugh out loud. On the subway platform. When I was by myself.

Garbage goblins! I love it! It was so damn cheesey, it really did hit me. Spacing‘s right though, it’s not a good campaign at all. Just funny…

If you go to the TTC’s webpage dedicated to the campaign, they actually have an animation, extending the awfulness of the ad. I thought it would be something funny with little cartoon goblins running all around the subway car, but it’s nothing as interesting as that. Ah well.

I’d really like to know how much of the entire of TTC’s ad campaigns are actually “designed by committee”. They really are incredibly awful. Even my non-designer friends dislike them greatly, and that’s saying a lot for untrained eyes.







  1. bunnyhero Avatar

    haha i know, my (former) girlfriend and i used to always laugh at the TTC-designed posters whenever she visited toronto. shockingly, shockingly bad.

  2. Dad Avatar

    You should send this, and your trillium comments, to the Toronto Star – even if only in the letters column.

  3. Christina Avatar

    Oh no, bunnyhero – have you seen the one that has a guy wearing a pig mask and the two people staring disgustedly at him? *laugh* I saw it last night and wow! It’s hilarious too.

    Dad – I suppose you are right… I guess I will then 🙂

  4. Mum Avatar

    Well one thing i will say is you remembered it! Will it make you stop littering, or will it make the “goblins” stop? Doubtful but maybe the awfulness is part of the attraction?

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