red and white again, but this time it’s not x-mas

Happy Canada Day!

139 years… I think next year’s gonna be a big one. And in 11 years, we’ll have a huge one. Oh… 11 years… I’ll be 35… woah.

I’m off celebrating Canada’s glorious woodlands, camping near Algonquin park for the weekend (yeah, I wrote this post ahead of time). In any case, you should still find a way to celebrate the day.







  1. Sameer Vasta Avatar

    Happy Canada Day to you too Christina! Have fun in Algonquin, and hey, do not despair…we’ll be 35 together in 11 years!

  2. Dad Avatar

    Happy Canada Day.

    Hope the wilderness was good to you and that you had fun.

    Does anything from the ROC come back when you go out there?

  3. Christina Avatar

    It was called Restoule Park, I found out a little later. It was a communal camping ground – not so much wilderness. But there were a couple of beaches and yes, the sun/being outside was very good for me! Like a mini-vacation, and I’m all refreshed now 🙂

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