One night in Bangkok

I am an extremely lucky lady.
Dave has been in England for the past week so I have been entertaining myself.
I know I usually do during the day; but not at night and not on the w/e’s.
Last night I stayed in but today I figured I would do something a little different. I went to the Thai Craft sale this morning, always a great event where they sell Thai crafts under a fair trade concept and I buy a lot of my gifts there. This meant I came home around 2pm. I decided to go to mass this evening so I left home at 4:30pm and took the tuk tuk to the end of the soi then the sky train to the end of the soi where the church is and from there a motor bike taxi to the church. I arrived a little early and bumped into a woman we met on the retreat we went on, during Advent, to Pattaya. I cannot remember her name but she lives in the south of Thailand and comes up to Bangkok now and then to sort out her affairs, she is an American and a retired teacher. We had an interesting chat and celebrated mass together, then went our separate ways. I had promised myself I would go to Suan Lun night bazaar which is just down the road from church so got another motorbike taxi and went off there.
I wandered around the stalls looking for gifts for men and ended up buying for myself and Christina. I soon tired of this however, it was Sat. Night and I hadn’t had supper yet. What I like about the night bazaar is it has an open air area were you can buy what ever food (Thai) you like, sit at a table, get a beer and watch free entertainment in the form of pop singers and dancers as well as a large screen TV with (usually) a sports game on. I did this for a couple of beers then decided I had sweated enough so got a taxi to my favorite local (not too far from home) here in Bangkok, The Boars Head Pub.
I really like this place, not sure why, maybe it is because the manager always has a good word for all his customers, or that the staff are friendly and remember us or the barmen are chatty, anyway I feel completely comfortable going in there on my own. I only had one drink, well two if you count the water chaser, but sat at the bar and struck up a conversation with an older Danish man who was with his Thai girlfriend, we talked about how good the internet connection was in that pub and ended up discussing the state of corruption in the Thai Government! In between I helped (or totally confused) the barman understand what the word Monarch meant! Then I came home. Now where else, could I have done all that and felt completely safe all the time, except Bangkok? I am a very lucky lady and I am trying to make the most of it.






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