the great algonquin canoe trip of 2006

I’ve been remiss in my postings so far in August. Most people are away on holidays now anyway, so perhaps it will be barely noticed.

In any case, I have many reviews of various events and locations I’ve attended lately, so expect a few posts to come.

I’ll start with my recent trip to Algonquin park over the August long weekend.

Nine of us went on this journey that lasted four days. We took only our canoes and our packs, and enough bare, dried out food to survive, and set out Friday evening.

The following is a summary of all the portaging and canoeing we did (ah, the numbers game) put together by our good friend Ilia (thank you!).

Day 1 (Aug 04) – Magnetawan Lake to Daisy Lake

Route Paddled: Magnetawan Lake (Access #3), Hambone Lake, Daisy Lake,
Departure Time: 7pm
Arrival at Campsite: 9pm
Distance Portaged: 135m + 55m + 420m = 610m
Distance total (aerial): 5.5km (that double portage makes it 6.5km)

Day 2 (Aug 05) – Daisy Lake to Misty Lake

Route Paddled: Daisy Lake, Petawawa River (West of Misty), Little Misty Lake, Misty Lake
Departure Time: 10:45am
Arrival at Campsite: 3pm
Distance Portaged: 135m + 450m + 935m = 1520m
Distance total (aerial): 17km

Day 3 (Aug 06) – Misty Lake to McIntosh Lake

Route Paddled: Misty Lake, Petawawa River (East of Misty), Mcintosh Creek, McIntosh Lake
Departure Time: 10:30am
Arrival at Campsite: 4pm
Distance Portaged: 850m + 155m + 195m + 160m + 80m + 200m + 745m + 510m = 2895m
Distance total (aerial): 19km

Day 4 (Aug 07) – McIntosh Lake to Magnetawan Lake

Route Paddled: McIntosh Lake, Timberwolf Lake, Misty Lake, Little Misty Lake, Petawawa River (West of Misty), Daisy Lake, Hambone Lake, Magnetawan Lake
Departure Time: 10am
Arrival at Exit: 6pm
Distance Portaged: 405m + 765m + 935m + 450m + 135m + 420m + 55m + 135m = 3300m
Distance total (aerial): 23km


Canoes: in the range of 45-55lbs each
Backpacks: ranging from 15-40 lb
Food Barrel: unknown; shrank daily

The trip was incredibly refreshing. Though it was often tough to keep rowing, I tried to focus on putting the paddle in the water just one more time, just one more time, and that’s what kept me going. You don’t focus on how you have to row for another three hours; you focus only on that next dip into the water.

It was beautiful, and serene, and loads of fun. We saw only one large animal; a moose right at the end of the trip. It must be quite used to people, as we came close and stayed a while as it drank from the lake and ate the talls weeds surrounding it.

All in all, a great trip, with lots of hard work and a great feeling of accomplishment at the end of it.

I will post some pictures later.






  1. kevin Avatar

    Hi, just wondering if you could tell me about misty lake…best camp sites that you know of? Overly crowded? Fishing? any info would be great.

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