jays vs orioles, august 9th

A few weeks ago, I attended my first Blue Jays game. It was my second baseball game ever. (The first one I went to was a Lynx game in Ottawa; it was our grade 6 graduation “outing” I cannot remember whom they played, and it got rained out.)

It was the August 9th, 2006, game against the Orioles, and rather than re-cap what happened (I wouldn’t be able to even if I tried), you can just read the Yahoo! summary about it, should you so desire.

I see why people attend baseball games now; the experience of just being there is quite interesting, even though the game may be boring. My mind wandered as I watched the players, but I enjoyed the constant animations and visuals on the main board, the food available from the vendors, the incredible weather (warm, sunny with a cool breeze, and quite luckily we sat shaded from the sun), and the cool beer adding a slight haze to it all.

The highlight for me was the 7th inning show that featured a four male breakdancers. Breakdancing is so cool, and they were damn good. Their dances didn’t last long enough.

While I’ve been inside the Skydome* before, specifically to see Raptors basketball games (I was there for their opening game!), it was different to experience it during the day, and set up for a baseball game. I suppose it’s also been renovated since back in the day… what, 10 years ago? (Eesh!) So, no wonder it was like being somewhere new.

The Jays lost the game to the Orioles, but that was okay. It was a fun little outing, and now I wouldn’t be opposed to going to other baseball games in future.

(* I’m aware it’s now called the Rogers Centre, but I don’t know anyone who actually calls it that willingly. Skydome it has always been, and Skydome it will always be, to the people who love and live in downtown Toronto.)






  1. Sameer Vasta Avatar

    People often laugh at me when I tell them I’m going to a Jays game or a Mets game, because they think baseball is slow and boring. To that, I always tell them, “come along with me.”

    They almost always return as converts. There’s something about going to a ball game that is almost magical.

  2. Mum Avatar

    Cannot say I am a fan of any team games; I think I would rather take a book along for “something to do” untill it was over. I do agree with the Skydome name though – maybe they should call it the Rogers Centre Skydome!!!

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