quick sampler of taste of the danforth

I wasn’t there long, but the few moments I did experience of The Taste of the Danforth were certainly enough to last a while.

I’ve been to a few restaurants in Greek town since moving to Toronto, including Myth (during Winterlicious – rather disappointing) and Pantheon, so I’ve already had some experience with the restaurants over that way.

My friends and I walked along the Danforth trying to find another group of friends with whom we were meant to meet up, sample some food and then proceed to Spring Rolls restaurant on Yonge, away from the crowds.

And crowded it was. So crowded we never met up with the other group of friends. Instead, we stopped and I bought desert first – the most incredible, fresh, juicy baklava I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. I’ll never eat another unless it’s made the same way, because the baklava I usually see could never measure up. Next, we stopped for some chicken souvlaki in a pita, and we wolfed that down as we stood by the side of the tent serving it, the throngs of people moving about us in a much disturbing manner. Considering how groups of humans like to sit as far apart as possible in restaurants while eating as a throwback to the days when we had to protect our food from others, this was seriously an unpleasant eating experience – even though the food was delicious, and fairly inexpensive.

In any case, I was glad to get out of that mass of people a mere half hour after arriving. It wasn’t what I had expected (free or extremely cheap, small portions of various dishes from each restaurant along the street). I’m not sure if I’ll visit the Taste again next year – perhaps for the slightly more relaxing atmosphere of an actual sit-down meal in one of the participating restaurants.






  1. The Bookseller to the Stars Avatar

    My friends live off The Danforth!!

  2. Christina Avatar

    Well, Toronto’s not that big or glamorous… but it’s cool you’re excited about that 🙂

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