Moved on to Taiwan

Well here we go with another change, hence the reason for the long time interval since my last “blog”.
I am now in Taiwan.
Trish is still in Thailand.
My project in Bangkok was almost finished, and the project here in Taiwan that I was on 4 years ago is still not finished and I was asked to move here to try to get things completed.
So it looks like I will be out here until the middle of next year now, and not going to either Derby or London as I thought (and as I might have told some people). The project here won’t get finished before mid next year, and they want me to stay till the end (at least that’s the current plan – until I screw this up!). After that, if there is nothing else, they have offered me another assignment, this time in Germany. So with any luck I can cruise out the next 2-3 years on the international assignment package, which is helping the retirement fund no-end. I wish I had found this life style sooner!
Meanwhile, Trish and I are getting used to living apart again, though I do get home (home being BKK) at weekends, and then Trish will come here for 1 1/2 weeks later this month. Being apart is only for a short period though. Trish will go back to the UK at the start of December (packing up the BKK home), and I will join her in the middle of the month, and we will spend Christmas / NY in the UK together. Then we will both come to Taiwan to take up living here for whatever chunk of next year that takes.
I am enjoying being back here in TW so far (the work was getting boring in TH), and the people here remember me and seem to appreciate me being back (it’s great to be appreciated!)
Trish will find it different though – certainly more expensive (though hopefully “the package” will take care of that).
Can’t stop for more now, but will write about the transition later. Gotta rush for my flight (isn’t this wireless internet in all the airport lounges wonderful?) back to BKK for the w/e.






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