We finally got to Ayutthaya, the historical city around 1:00PM and by this time it was very hot indeed somewhere in the low 40’s C!
First stop Wat Phra Si Sanepet a view of one of the three Stupas. A Stupa is a buriel mound for a holy man, at least that is what they were in Ancient India, they came to thailand with budhism and are now worshiped as a rememberence of the Buddha as his ashes were intered in one. Every temple compund has examples of stupas(Indian) or Chedi (Thai) this temple was erected at the end of the 1400’s in the Grand Palace compound and served as a venue for important royal ceremonies.

As you can see from the photograph of this ruind Buddha image, in the grounds of Wat Sanpet, that these images are treated with respect and still prayed to. Origionally this would have been covered with stucco and probably bronzed or gilded.

One of the many ways of getting around Ayutthaya is by elephant!
With the Prang of Wat Phra Ram in the distance. (Prang is the type of tower based on a Khmer style)

Here is another Prang this time of Wat Rajaburana
Origionally built in 1424. The King who built this had two sons who both wanted the throne, they marched to Ayutthaya with their armies and ended up killing each other thus the throne went to their younger brother who became King Borom
Rajathiraj II

A view of Wat Maha That which was set up as the sacred centre of the city in1374. it underwent many restorations during the life of the capitol city, here you see a veranda whith its roof structure in ruins as well asBuddha images giving an idea of what it was like in its prime.

This is a favourite image of Phototgraphers who visit Ayutthaya, a head of one of the Buddha images has grown in amongst the roots of this tree at Wat Mah That.

This is a view of Wat Chai Wattanaram

constructed in 1673 by King Prasat Thong. Their was a sound and light show set up here for the evening.

A Buddha imge which would have been dressed in

Royal attire, including jewlery, at Wat Chai Watthanaram






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