I’m always a proponent of free stuff. That being said, with the rise of mp3 players, e-readers and non-traditional book formats I thought some of you might be interested in this.

Whether you want to see what it’s like to listen to audiobooks on your mp3 player or already enjoy them regularly, you can head on over to and get a free audio book. These are high quality and include new releases, classics and educational texts. Be sure they’re good to listen to on the subway, or wherever you should want to listen (with the Audible software, you can listen on your pc as well).

You can get a free one month trial membership with one free book by visiting the site through

The offer’s good through to December 31st, 2006. Once you’ve downloaded your audiobook, you have no more obligations – you can just cancel your account.

Have fun! I got myself a copy of There and Back Again: An Actor’s Tale by Sean Astin and Joe Layden. A title I’ve been meaning to read for quite some time – but now have in a more convenient format for traveling. Excellent.






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