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mcmichael gallery’s 16th annual autumn art sale

Tomorrow – Friday, October 20th starting at 6 PM – is the opening night of the Autumn Art Sale put on annually by volunteers at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinberg.

The sale lasts all weekend, but come out tomorrow evening to meet the artists and mingle with volunteers. I’m going to support a photographer I’ve worked with – Penelope Edgar. Apart from doing fashion photography, she has some beautiful landscape, scenery and building shots in locations around the world.

Below is one of the photos we came up with during our shoot together.

Christina Habberjam

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I used The Gimp, an Open Source image editing program similar to Photoshop. Available for Windows here…

You also need to install the GTK Runtime package, available on that same page.

Then install the Refocus plugin…

Put the refocus.exe file in you plugins folder, which is at

C:\Program FIles\Gimp-2.0\lib\gimp\2.0\plugins

Then star The Gimp up. Refocus via Filters>Enhance>Refocus then set the radius at .80 and presto. That and the color-level correction tool (Layer>Colors>Levels>Auto) are invaluable.

I’ve heard of Gimp, I just never bothered with it. Maybe one day, but spare time is so limited at present.

Yes, I think the levels adjustment is really useful. I think the photographer already did that with my “about me” photo, but the original is certainly worth playing around with again. I didn’t know that about Refocus though, interesting. I’ll test it for sure.

Thanks 🙂

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