giller light review

Last night I attended the Giller Light Bash, courtesy of my workplace. It was held at the Steam Whistle Brewery and was a semi-swank affair attended by the public, book industry types, minor celebrities like some runners up in Canadian Idol, Chantal Kreviazuk and Ben Mulroney (I stood behind Kreviazuk as Mulroney interviewed her live on CTV, but I doubt I was visible).

It was an okay party. Kreviazuk’s performance was understated and the announcement of the winner of The Giller Prize, Vincent Lam, krept up on the partygoers without much fanfare.

The food served was rather bland: mini hamburgers, mini veggie burgers (which actually tasted much better than their meaty counterparts), and pizza that, by the time I got to it, was cold and had probably been fingered by numerous attendees.

But the drinks kept flowing and though I couldn’t muster the courage to go meet the previous PM’s son, it was still neat to rub shoulders with the Almost Famous.






  1. Mum Avatar

    What does Ben M. do, is he a reporter?

  2. Dad Avatar

    Why would you need to muster up courage to talk to the over-privileged. You are equal to anyone you want to be. Sounds interesting though. Is the Giller prize book worth a read?

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