It is almost time for me to leave this beautiful country and I am very sad and full of regrets at not having done a lot of things; such as help with Soi Dog Rescue It is an organisation that works to help the soi or street dogs. They are abandoned dogs that of course breed and so lots of them live on the streets and are often in a bad way, Soi Dog helps with spay and neutering as well as giving them shots. They also work at getting them adopted both inside and outside the country.
Another volunteer chance I missed is working with the babies at one of the orphanages. As with the St. Dogs a lot of babies are abandoned or simply have no parents and a lot of foreign ladies go to the homes once or twice a week to play and cuddle and feed the babies. Quite a few get adopted and they need to be introduced to one on one parenting as adoption, especially overseas, can take up to 18 months or longer.
Visiting the prisons is another job I never tried. The British Women’s Group in Bangkok has a group of women who go regulary to visit the British inmates, they take them food and toiletries and reading material. They need money for these things and a lot of them do not have that. The visits are conducted across a wide space, the inmates are in a room and the visitor speaks to them from another room through window type openings with lots of bars and mesh, very impersonal.
Prison visiting is a necessary job but not one suited to everyone as you have to get past the “why are they in prison” and move on to the fact that they are lonely and need contact with others of their kind.

However I did do a lot of things for which I shall be ever grateful I was given the opportunity. I will talk about these in a later column.






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