i was in a commercial!

I got my first real, paid modeling job! Today I was shot in a commercial for The Beauty Supply Outlet. It’s going to be on tv “soon” (no idea when). Pretty exciting, I have to say.

My makeup was done exceptionally well by a Ms. Jenna Treat. She was very patient and sweet with me and all the models. The rest of the shooting crew were all really kind as well. I couldn’t believe what a long day it must have been for most of them. I didn’t have to be there until 2 PM, and even so I still didn’t get my shoot in until 9 PM this evening.

The first portion I was filmed in was a group shot with about eight women sitting on a couch, looking pretty. My “solo” scene involved a lot of red umbrellas, and me standing in the rain, first looking down, lifting my arms to catch the rain and then lifting my head and eyes to the sky, or the camera. I got rained on…

So, I guess, keep an eye out for that. I’m not sure what it’s going to look like once edited. Hopefully I pulled it off all right – didn’t get to see the result before I left. I wonder if I’ll get to have a digital copy of it or something… I don’t watch any tv, so I doubt I’ll ever get to see it!

Jan 12, 2007 Update: The commercial is now out! Check it out.






6 Responses to “i was in a commercial!”

  1. bunnyhero Avatar

    congrats!!!! i don’t watch tv either, here’s hoping for a digital copy!

  2. Yassi Avatar

    I am very proud of u dear !..

  3. Kay Avatar

    That’s great. They should have let you see the result.

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  5. Jane Avatar

    what modeling agency did u get this job from? it sound amazing! congrats!

  6. jenna treat Avatar
    jenna treat

    Hi Christina!
    It’s Jenna…makeup. Thank you for your kind words. A friend googled me and found this lovely blog. Your pics are stunning and I’m glad the commercial turned out well. I never saw it and would have absolutley loved to. Hope your career is going well. Best, Jenna

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