libraries versus publishers

Working in the publishing industry and being particularly sensitive to publishers, I’ve often wondered how they felt about libraries when I’ve passed them during my rides on public transit throughout the city.

Now I have a clearer idea. Taken, of course, with a grain of salt.






2 Responses to “libraries versus publishers”

  1. bunnyhero Avatar

    heh, i’ve wondered that myself.

    …i haven’t been to a library in far too long. then again, i’ve got a few books still unread sitting around.

  2. Trish Avatar

    Libraries are the bookstores of the proletariat, the only way the majority can get to read “good” books.
    Or at least they should be, nowadays too many of the masses sit infront of TV and watch lunatics running around desert islands or eating 64 mosquitoes before plunging into slimmy leach infested water to swim 2 miles and retrieve a burnt hamburger.

    Libraries are an essential for children and immigrants and young mothers and middle aged women plus everyone else!

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