istoica photo shoot

A couple of weeks ago, I had a photo shoot with the Toronto duo group, istoica. They do some really interesting, edgy, punky work – I was really happy to shoot with them. They’ve posted a couple of the shots on their site (go check out their other work, too). I think they turned out quite well – lovin’ the expanse of blue.

istoica photography: Christina Habberjam

istoica photography: Christina Habberjam






8 Responses to “istoica photo shoot”

  1. Sameer Vasta Avatar

    Amazing photos Christina. I’ve always been a big fan of Jessie and Chris’ work, they definitely have an eye for portraiture. Of course, it helps that you make a stunning model as well. =)

  2. bunnyhero Avatar

    wow, great photos!

  3. Mum Avatar

    you look amazing in the white top and pink skirt, the lighting is great and the model too of course!

  4. QueenBitch Avatar

    Wow you look like a doll!!

  5. […] [Feb. 19. 2007 Edit: I forgot to mention, I updated the istoica blog post with a new photo they’ve just released; it’s the one at the top.] […]

  6. John & Kath Avatar
    John & Kath

    Chritina you look amazing (pity your parents are soooooo ugly)

  7. Kerry Habberjam Avatar
    Kerry Habberjam

    Your look stunning..

  8. Matt Avatar

    WOW! Absolutely amazing, as i have said before all my g/friends are jealous of your looks! heh, you look fantastic.

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