Taiwan not China ROC not PROC

I feel I need to explain as this seems to be common problem for nations as well as ordinary people.
Taiwan calls itself the Republic of China. China is known as the Peoples Republic of China. These two countrys are entirely seperate.
Taiwan gained its independance from China in 1947 when Chang Ky Shek exiled himself and a number of supporters on the island. It has a democraticly (sort of) elected government and is not at all a communist state.
But it calls itself the Republic of China and thereby hangs the problem, the rest of the world, upon seeing Republic of China or ROC immediatly thinks a mistake has been made and promptly changes it to Peoples Republic of China.
Compleatly different country.
I know this happens because when I gave the post office of my new add. and wrote Taiwan ROC they promptly changed it to PROC and sent everything to China.
Also the military band of Granada got so confused they played Taiwans National Anthem to a group of visiting Chinese dignitaries, a big mistake as Taiwan and China are natural enemies. Apparently even the White House got its self in a mess with the names when it refered to Taiwan as the Peoples Republic of China instead of Republic of China.

I hope this helps to explain the situation a little as they are two compleatly different countries who just happen to share a similar name, please do not presume to change ROC to PROC as it will be wrong.






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