Breakfast in Tien Mu

I can’t believe it is almost 3 months since I last updated this diary, but here we are in Taipei now and everything has just been so busy. Anyway, I will snatch a few minutes this morning before we go off to our Mandarin class to do at least one small update.
We are now living in a district of Taipei called Tien Mu, an area out of the city and snuggled at the bottom of some lovely Hills.
We live on the 17th floor of a 25 storey apartment block and in the absence of a balcony have assembled a breakfast nook in the bay window of the living room; and here it is.

The view from this window is smashing, and changes quite frequently, especially at this time of year (late winter (15 Deg) – heading into spring (20 Deg)) with the shifting weather patterns over the hills. Here’s a shot of the view from the window.

That’s one of Taipei’s universities at the top of the hill there. It’s quite a walk to get up there – 2 attempts by Tricia and I now, and have made it about 1/3 of the way so far (once via some steps, once via a small road). There are places where the road is 1 in 1, if not steeper. Quite interesting when you are as out of condition as we are. No matter; we shall persevere and get there before we leave Taipei (though maybe we won’t walk so much once it gets hot!).

The rest of Tien Mu is quite flat really, so we walk a fair bit around our town, exploring and shopping. The City of Taipei is 15 minutes on the Subway – not bad.

To now, 3 weeks after Tricia’s arrival, we have: signed up for Mandarin classes; joined the British social Group; Tricia has also been on some trips / coffe mornings through the Community Centre here in Tien Mu (expats), and we have been roped into a contemporary dance group – more on that later, no doubt.






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