Lunar (Chinese) New Year.

Happy New Year! Chinese Style, New Years day was on Sunday 18th Feb. It is a very big holiday here with most businesses closed for at least 4 days, some 5 and some, like the post office, closed for 9 days! Dave has had the week off and we have done some stuff but really I don’t know where the time has gone.
One of the things which has gone on all week here has been the almost constant banging of fire crackers, it started in earnest on Sat night, New Years eve, with lots of fireworks, we even went across the road to the park to watch as some of the other residents let of all kinds of fireworks. But then it went on and on and on and still continues. For the Taiwanese, the banging of firecrackers at New Year scares away the evil spirits and most of them are just firecrackers, very loud bangs and nothing much else so they set them off even in the day time. I shall be glad when it all ends!
We went to the Fine Arts museum on Tuesday, quite interesting, with one of the exhibits being the usual rubbish strewn around a room and called art!!!! I could do that easily! What I enjoy is seeing something that has taken some kind of skill to produce even if I don’t like it.
We went to see Iwo Jima, very good, I like the way it has been presented what a terrible waste war is!
It was Ash Wednesday this week so we went to church and received our ashes, the Christmas decorations are still up in church, well the ones along the walls, not unusual for here as a lot of the shops still have theirs up, I hope they take them down after New Year, they look a little sad to my western eye.
We tried to climb the mountain again, still only got half way but this time we weren’t as out of breath, we will try on Sat. to reach the top.






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