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I finally broke down and bought a really cool Orage snowboarding suit. I’d been eyeing up the Byng jacket all winter, but I was undecided on which colour, and couldn’t find a price I was willing to pay.

All of a sudden one day, my searches for this jacket proved boundlessly fruitful. I pulled up media about the jacket I hadn’t been able to find before, and that gave it so much more dimension than is available on the Orage website.

First, I came across a product shot of the jacket actually being worn, outside, in the snow, on a UK site of all places: Snow and Rock. It looks amazing – so much better than in the photos. In fact, it looks so good I decided on the white right then and there (previously I’d been leaning more towards the red one). The product’s description on that website also convinced me this was the jacket I wanted to get.

However, I didn’t want to buy it from the UK. While my parents have a house there, they’re not currently living there, and all in all it just doesn’t make sense.

I continued my searches and very happily stumbled upon a video exploration of the jacket at some product show. While the lighting makes it seem a lot more yellow than it is, it gives you a great idea of all the features it possesses. It also reinforced my colour combination decision: the brown pants on the UK site’s photo look a whole lot better with the white jacket, than the white pants shown in the video.

Now I was more than sold: but I had to find an affordable retailer, somewhere on this continent. I finally came to ColoradoFreeRide.com, saw that was the lowest price this jacket was available anywhere, and decided to get it from there. Still unsure about exactly which pants to get – although fairly certain of the colour I wanted – I emailed the site’s owner, Greg, asking advice on the products assuming he’d have some knowledge of his inventory. He did, and I got a response within 24 hours. In fact he was the most helpful online retailer I’ve been in contact with in a long while. And at the lowest price available online, I really couldn’t have hoped for more.

They finally arrived last week, and they look great on me. They fit perfectly… the colour’s not exactly what I was expecting; in fact it’s more green than gold, brown or white. But in any case, the snow suit looks great, and I’m hoping for the chance to really use them to their fullest potential next weekend… but more on that later, if it happens.






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  1. Joanne Avatar

    Hi Christina,
    I just spent the last 10 minutes reading your blogs. Sounds like you are having a great time. I love your writing style. I think you are very gifted. I have to tell you I feel guilty from time to time about not having you over……………….you know you can come any time………..but when I read your blog it sounds like you are incrediably busy. Would you like to come for Easter dinner? Katie and John will be down from Ottawa and you could catch up. Alana is going away to university this Sept. Can you believe it? She’s not sure what she wants and has been accepted by Guelph, Laurier and Ottawa already.-Ottawa has offered her $10,000.00 scholarship-she’s not sure if that’s what she wants. Maybe you could lend her your ideas and options and how you figured things out. She is leaning towards Carlton with an eye to marketing or converlsy pschology. Anyway your photos are gorgeous. I’m so happy things are going so well for you.

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