Mum went into hospital on 9th March for her Mastectomy. We had to be at the hospital for 7:30am, mum could have her last meal before 6am. My sister and I escorted her to the hospital where she was spoken to by the anesthetist around 9am and then began the long wait. Mum was scheduled for an afternoon operation and we learned, around 11am, that it would be at 3pm. Meanwhile mum was allowed water until 11am and then only a mouth wash, at 3:30pm they came to take her away!

Around 5:30pm my sister and I went to the ward they had told us Mum would be admitted to after the operation. It turned out she had been put in the Lancashire Suite which is a private section of the hospital and was being used by national health patients because there was a bed shortage. Mum arrived from the OR about 6:15pm and we eventually got to see her at 6:45. Mum was a little groggy and had a morphine self operating pain drip so she was ok and seemed to be fine. We left her in the good hands of a pleasant male nurse.

The next morning mum was up out of bed and almost normal. The operation had gone very well, her left breast was removed (I got it wrong before) and two drips were in place to drain excess fluid. Over the next two days she continued to improve and eventually on Tues. 13th March in the afternoon I brought her home.
Mum is continuing to get better and looks and feels great, she is taking it easy and does get tired come the afternoon which is normal after such an operation. We are still waiting to be sure that the cancer does not need any further treatment. The breast nurse has been to visit and instructed mum in how to use her falsie (mum isn’t impressed so far and appears to have abandoned it for now!)

I am just very pleased that the operation has been succesful. More news later.






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