Google Takes Over Blogger

I am upset!

For 2 hours last night I tried unsuccessfully to get onto my blog website. I have been using this site for 5 years and never had trouble before. Now Google has taken it over and it is extremely difficult for a regular person like me to get onto the site. Not only that, there is no way you can find help with the problems you encounter. I am not a computer geek; I do not spend my whole life glued to the computer, nor do I want to. I want simple, easy access to and this is being denied me, so in the future I think you will see me going elsewhere to do my blogging. The only help with Google is through online discussion forums which I have no desire to join nor spend precious time endlessly trailing through to find a way to access my blog.

Big thumbs down to Google, a faceless, huge company who couldn’t care less about its users!






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