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The last Sunday I was in England, Palm Sunday, I took Mum on a trip up to the Trough of Bowland, where she spent time working on a farm when she was in the Women’s Land Army during and after the second world war.
I had been to this lovely spot before but never really spent time savouring it. It is the source of the River Wyre and Dunsop Bridge claims to be the Centre of Britain. I found out later a lot of places lay claim to that title.
My Mum used to go to the little Catholic Church, St. Hubert’s in Dunsop Bridge and we were lucky enough to find it open, it was as she remembered it. Their was a plaque in the church in memory of Mrs. Leahy, mum was very interested in this as Leahy was her mum’s maiden name and is of Italian origin as Mum’s grandfather was Italian. It was intriguing to find the name in this little country church.
We also found the grave of a shepherd who used to pick Mum and her friend up part of the way through the Trough, they cycled the other part.
As the name suggests, it is a deep ravine in the rocky terrain through which the river cuts its way down to the sea. The farms are devoted to sheep rearing and that is what Mum did while she worked up there. The weather, this week, was brilliant sunshine with a cool wind but perfect driving weather. We had a good look around and took some photos, Mum was very pleased to have visited her favourite place in the north.






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