I Get a Kick Out Of You

Dave and I have been commandeered into taking part in an experimental dance about football fever called “I get a Kick our of You”.
Back in January, when I first arrived here, we were walking down the street in Tian Mu, the area of Taipei in which we live, when we were stopped by two Taiwan ladies and asked if we liked to dance and if we could waltz. Not wanting to be rude we stayed talking with them and it transpired that Shu Fen was desperate (of course, why else would she even be talking to us) to find two older (?) European looking people who would appear in her dance about football. We consented to help her out as what else did we have to do!!!!!
Shu Fen had previously directed a half hour dance in Newcastle England about soccer and that is what she is using as our template, this production, due to take place between the 26 and 29th April, will be an hour in length so some of the parts have to be elaborated on. Turns out Dave’s part is one of those!!!! Not only are we dancing the waltz at the end we also do a bit where Dave is talking and I have to put on 3 football shirts, we help the young girl dancers get dressed in black wedding dresses, we play the part of football coaches while the dancers do warm up exercises, we do a part in the middle were we dance the cha cha and Dave also has a few more small parts on his own. It is quite interesting working with this dance company, (boy are they fit!), I feel a bit of a fraud and just hope we don’t let her down when it goes on stage. apparently on the second night their will be 10 American directors in the audience. I will definitely not read the reviews until it is well over. Watch this space for more details later.






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