It has been total chaos here; I suspect a lot of the chaos is caused by me but it doesn’t make it any less chaotic!!

First we went to Bangkok, more about that trip later, then we had our dance performances, then Christina came for a flying visit, now I am trying to get back into some sort of routine at least for a few weeks.

The dance “I get a Kick out of you” went very well, all the performances were good except perhaps the Sat. matinee which was a bit flat probably because the audience didn’t really understand what it was all about. A lot of them had come to see Dave and I and didn’t really “get” the theme of the dance.
It is amazing how much an audience can affect the performers. We both found it very rewarding when the audience was there as opposed to when we were rehearsing. We both manged to get through without too many glaring mistakes, I said “Good Afternoon…” instead of “…..evening” but don’t think anyone noticed and Dave started to do his routine a little early once but nothing really major and we both thought our last performance was the best, we felt like pros. by then!!! It was kind of sad to finish but it was good to almost get back to our lives after spending a whole week rehearsing and hanging around at the theater.

These photos are of the stage and some of the members of the cast including the only other westerner, Helen Williams, from England.

I said almost because Christina arrived on the Sunday evening that we had our last performance. Because we picked her up from the airport we missed the post performance doo, but it was great to have Christina visit.

We had a very hectic 5 days to hang out and do some sightseeing as that is all the time C. had. We went to the Palace Museum and saw the British Museum Exhibit there. We went to play Mah Jong, Christina for the first time and she won one hand!
We went up Taipei 101, the highest building in the world at
the moment!
We went to some hot springs, Taiwan is famous for its hot

springs and the Japanese really set them up when they
occupied the place.

On the Friday, Dave was able to come with us and we went to an area just outside Taipei which is along the mouth of the river and has a seaside atmosphere to it, rather like Blackpool or the seedier side of Niagara Falls. We went on a boat trip to the other side of the river and walked along in a park like setting, it was a lovely sunny day which helped and we ate lunch in a cafe run by the son of a man who took great delight in talking to us in English. He had been to Toronto many years ago as a young man and was interested in chatting about the experience.

I am now trying to clean, catch up on my blog, sort photos, write letters etc.

Tomorrow is Mah Jong day, I enjoy playing this game and hope to show Dave how to play soon.






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