Trains ‘n boats n’ . .

I did get to spend a day riding around on the steam train.

It was amazing.

We stopped at a few stations and there were hundreds of people at each one. Then all along the track loads of people were out to wave and smile for the train (or was it for me?). The reaction when the whistle blew was instantaneous – chers and bigger waves. It even brought people out who weren’t expecting that train, and of course, lots of surprised people at the level crossings and sundry other places.

It certainly gave me a feel for why the railway is so close to peoples hearts in countries that still get access to the tracks and use the train as an integral part of their life, as one would expect on a small island like this.
Terrific day – and I got VIP treatment from the railway into the bargain.

Good eh?

Then a couple of weeks later we were off to see the Dragon Boat races.

Several countries sent teams.

Also an interesting day out, even if it was boiling hot!






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