I cannot believe it is a month since I last blogged! What have I been doing?

First we went out for dinner with the cast of “I Get a Kick out of you” It was a lovely Sun evening, we had a large area of a basement room in a restaurant and we had nearly all the dishes on the menu. it was Italian but we ate them Chinese style. That is you order one of a lot and everyone helps themselves to all the dishes they feel like trying.

This is Bei Yu (standing she is very outgoing and her English is excellent), Chien Yu is older than she looks and teaches dance (they all have degrees) ,at the back is Shumin , the administrative manager who keeps the whole company organised she is due her first baby in Aug. I believe.

This is Wei Ming, smiling, he was one of the two male dancers and has been dancing for years, he is in his early 40’s and a very good dancer. He also teaches.

This shows Shu Fen (The Artistic Director of Century Contemporary Dance Co. and the reason for our being in the performance) as well as Chuo Tai (Jack) the other male dancer. Jack also has a dance studio, of one! He won an award for one of his pieces and is going to France in the new year for a 6 month study trip.

They are a lovely, lively,liberal lot and we had a fun evening even though we don’t speak Mandarin, it was fun to listen and have some of it translated. I feel we gained a lot from being a part of this production.






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